Event Calendar

November 2019

14 November, Asian Trade Centre Workshop: “Seizing Trade Opportunities in an Uncertain World,” Singapore. For information or Registration.

August 2019

1 August, LogiSYM Workshop: “Seizing Trade Opportunities in an Uncertain World,” Singapore. Click here for more information. Register here.

May 2019

May 24, Asian Trade Centre Foundation (ATCF) Workshop: “International Trade Training Program for SMEs,” Hong Kong. Click here.

May 7, Asian Trade Centre Foundation (ATCF) Workshop: “Trade Compliance Training Program for SMEs,” Shenzhen. Click here.

April 2019

April 4-5, Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition (AMTC) Workshop: “Enabling Thai SMEs in the Digital Age,” Bangkok. Click here.

March 2019

March 7, Round-table discussion on “Opportunities, Challenges, Barriers and Recommendations for UK firms,” Bangkok. View agenda here.

January 2019

January 23, “CPTPP Luncheon,” Asia Business Trade Association, Singapore

January 22, “AmCham Task Force Meeting on CPTPP Updates,” AmCham Singapore, Singapore

December 2018

December 11, “ASEAN Prosperity Initiative,” IDEAS, Singapore

December 10, “IPS Corporate Associates Breakfast Dialogue on the Global Trade War and Implications for Singapore,” IPS, Singapore

December 7, Round-table Discussion on” Singapore's ASEAN Year 2018”, Australian High Commissioner, Singapore

December 2-4, “Macro-economic trends in Asia in relation to ASEAN, CPG & KAS,” Bangkok, Thailand

November 2018

November 27-29, “The Small Business Collaboration Summit,” bizzi.co - world-first online summit

October 2018

October 20, “IPS Corporate Associates’ Breakfast Dialogue on the Global Trade War and Implications for Singapore,” GLG, Jakarta, Indonesia

October 18-19, “Champions of International Trade in the Digital Age,” Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition (AMTC), Singapore

October 18, “Draft Report of NTBs in ASEAN for Automotive,” to be presented at an EU Commission meeting, Brussels

October 4, “ISIS Malaysia's PRAXIS Seminar,” Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS), Kuala Lumpur

September 2018

September 7, "International Trade, Importing & Exporting, and Managing Your Supply Chain", Asian Trade Centre Foundation and UPS Foundation, Hong Kong. Click here to register. The agenda is available at this link

August 2018

August 6, Training "International Trade, Importing & Exporting, and Managing Your Supply Chain", Asian Trade Centre Foundation (ATCF) and the UPS Foundation, Singapore. Click here to register. 

June 2018

June 7 and 8, Digital Champions Workshop, Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition (ATMC), Singapore

June 6, "SME Summit: Enabling SMEs In The Digital Age," Asia Business Trade Association, Singapore. Click here for more information of the Summit

June 5, "Digitize ASEAN 2018," Singapore Business Federation, Singapore

June 4, "Third Symposium on the ASEAN Single Window Current Impact and Future Opportunities," jointly organized by USAID, US-ASEAN Connect and ASEAN Business Advisory Council. Register here

May 2018

May 31, PBEC/ABTA Lunch Event. More information is coming

May 16-17, The 9th Asian Leadership Conference "Globalisation in Crisis: Navigating the World with New Opportunities", Seoul

May 14, Training on International Trade and Trade Agreements, 3M, Singapore

May 5, "RCEP Reception," Asian Trade Centre and Asia Business Trade Association, Singapore (by invite only)

May 2, "RCEP Briefing," Asian Trade Centre, Singapore (by invite only)

April 2018

April 26, "2018 Corporate Affairs Forum: Public Affairs in an Asian Century," Public Affairs Asia, Singapore

April 26, World Economic Forum Digital ASEAN Workshop, Singapore

April 10-11, Training on International Trade, British High Commission, Singapore

March 2018

March 22, "Global Illicit Trade Summit 2018," The Economist, Kuala Lumpur

March 14, Training on WTO, Pernod Ricard, Singapore

March 6, "eBay PayPal LKY Program," PS-Engage, Singapore

March 2, "Accelerating Digitalisation in Emerging Markets," OECD, Paris, France


February 13, "ASEAN-Australia," Bangkok, Thailand

February 8, "Global Scenario Project," Nordic West Office, Singapore

January 2018

January 30, "APEC in a Changing World," NCAPEC, Singapore

January 22, "AmCham TPP11," AmCham, Singapore

January 16, "ASEAN E-Commerce Workshop," SBF, Singapore

January 10,  Policy panel "Brave new world: Financial stability, Trade deals & policy coordination," Bank of America Merrill Lynch Asia FICC 2018 Outlook 

December 2017

December 6, Webinar "Collaboration: Your Secret Weapon To Expanding Internationally Without Getting On A Plane", bizzi and Asian Trade Centre

December 6, Conference "Digital Trade in the Asia-Pacific – Identifying Challenges, Seeking Solutions", Melbourne Law School and Singapore Management University School of Law, Singapore

September 2017

September 28, seminar “Trade and Investment opportunities with the Pacific Alliance,” Latin Amercian Chamber of Commerce, Singapore

September 6, Global Trade Review (GTR) Asia Trade & Treasury Week 2017, GTR, Singapore

August 2017

August 4, Symposium "RCEP: The Clearest FTAAP Pathway," ISEAS, Singapore

July 2017

July 11-13, "Promoting Trade Inclusiveness and Connectivity for Sustainable Development", The Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Geneva, Switzerland

June 2017

June 21, Roundtable Discussion "Navigating Through The Evolving Nature of Connectivity", 2017 Pacific Update Conference, Japan-Pacific ICT Centre, Fiji

June 1, Roundtable Discussion "Setting the course for Canadian trade engagement in the Asia Pacific: ‘TPP11’ & Trump", Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF) and Canada West Foundation, Canada

May 2017

May 30, Presentation "An Economic Analysis Of The Region’s Potential", A conference of Global Affairs Canada, Ottawa, Canada

May 23-34, "31st Asia-Pacific Roundtable (31st APR)", Institution of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

May 17, Presentation "Understanding the TPP11 – Market Access for Goods", LogiSYM 2017, Singapore

May 17, Panel Discussion "Protectionism, Isolationism and Free Trade?", LogiSYM 2017, Singapore

May 17, Keynote Speech "Is 2017 the year of anti-globalization?", LogiSYM 2017, Singapore

May 15, First Pilot Training Project for Small Businesses "Digital Champions Programme", The Asian Trade Centre Foundation (ATCF), Singapore

May 10, "TNC-WGEC Joint Session: Online Protection of Personal Information and Consumer Protection", RCEP 18th negotiation round, Manila, Philippines

May 9, Panel Discussion "Asia: What Next For Trade?" at Institute of International Finance (IFF) Spring Membership Meeting, IFF, Tokyo, Japan

April 2017

April 28, Seminar on "De-Globalisation Sentiments and Risks for ASEAN Economies", ISEAS-Yusof Ishak, Singapore

April 25, Panel Discussion "Brexit and Trump Presidency: Implications and opportunities on global trade, economic and policy outlook" at GTDW 9.0 Customs, Compliance & Trade Facilitation Summit & Exhibtion, KW Group, Singapore

April 24, Opening Remarks and Panel Discussion "Trade Agreements and its impact on customs, compliance and trade facilitation: What can we expect in 2017?" at GTDW 9.0 Customs, Compliance & Trade Facilitation Summit & Exhibtion, KW Group, Singapore

March 2017

March 21-23,  Workshop for Trade Officials from the British High Commission (Singapore)

March 14-16, Workshop for Government Officials at Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) Singapore

February 2017

February 21, "Demystifying RCEP The "Other" Mega-Regional Trade Agreement", ATC and Thomson Reuters.  Please find the link to the proceedings here

February 14-16, Workshop for Government Officials at Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) Singapore

February 8, "TPP and the Creation of the New World Trading System", JETRO and TDRI, Bangkok, Thailand

January 2017

January 10, "Greater China Conference 2017 - China's Future: New Strengths, Old Challenges", UBS, Shanghai

December 2016

December 15, "Women in International Trade" Cocktail Session", ATC, Singapore

December 9, Half Day Training at Netherlands Embassy in Singapore

December 8, "Financial Times Business Regulation Forum: Burden or Benefit?" Forum, Financial Times, Singapore

December 1, "Briefing on the State of Trade in Asia post U.S. Elections", AmCham Bangkok, Thailand

November 2016

November 30, "ASEAN and Mr. Trump's Policy" Forum, C-ASEAN, Bangkok, Thailand

November 22-23, Workshop for Government Officials at Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) Singapore

November 17, "KREI International Conference on Agricultural Trade", Korea Rural Economic Institute KREI, Seoul, Korea

November 11, "E-Commerce - Is It a Disrupter or  an Enabler for the Food Industry?", AmCham in Singapore

November 10, "2016 International Conference on TPP/RCEP, Medical Products and Food Safety", Foundation of Medical Professionals Alliance in Taiwan, Taiwan

November 1-4, "International Association of Trade Training Organizations (IATTO)" Forum Fall 2016, IATTO, Des Moines, Iowa, USA

October 2016

October 24, "DHL Innovation Day Singapore Innovate Logistics - the future starts today", DHL Singapore

October 13, "International Conference on the TPP: Its Implications and Responses", CIER, Taipei, Taiwan

October 7, "Trade Seminar on “Opportunities for SMEs arising from Singapore’s FTAs”", SBF-UPS, Singapore

September 2016

September 20, "The Cloister: Status of Negotiations on RCEP", CSIS, Washington D.C.

August 2016

August 25, "Understanding Free Trade Agreements: RCEP and why it's important for your business", AustCham, Singapore

August 24, "Digital Trade in The TPP", Asian Trade Centre and Yale-NUS, Singapore

August 19, "Legal Impact of The TPP", Thomson Reuters, Singapore

August 17, Annual SME Conference , Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore

August 16, "Seminar: Brexit: Implications for the UK, the EU, Regional Trade Agreements, and Singapore", ISEAS, Singapore

August 11, "Aborting TPP Would Damage U.S. Trade Credibility : ATC", Bloomberg, Singapore

July 2016

July 15, "Partnership for Sustainable Growth in Asia and Beyond" Forum, Singapore Business Federation (SBF), Singapore

July 13, Conference On The Future Economy Of Singapore, The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) and the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE), Singapore

June 2016

June 29, “Legal Impact Of The TPP” Conference, Asian Legal Business (ALB), Singapore

June 23, Global Treasury Crossings: Reframing Asian finance, The Economist, Hong Kong 

June 23, Status of RCEP and its implications for Hong Kong, AmCham Hong Kong, Hong Kong

June 20, Logistics & Supply Chain Breakfast Roundtable Discussion, DutchCham, SIngapore

May 2016

May 25, Financial Times (FT) Asia Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit "Forging Frontiers for Pharmaceuticals", Singapore

May 19-20, The Age of Mega Regionals - TPP and Regulatory Autonomy in International Economic Law, Biennial Symposium of the Global Economic Law Network, Melbourne, Australia

May 16-17, Conference "The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): A Paradigm Shift in International Trade Regulation?", co-hosted by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Asia WTO Research Network (AWRN), Hong Kong

May 10-12, The 17th Asian Banker Summit - Hanoi, Vietnam

May 4, The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Investment, AmCham, Singapore

April 2016

April 19-21, DHL Global Technology Conference - Singapore

April 6, TPPA Tea Talk "What to Expect & How to Prepare" hosted by Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) and Thomson Reuters, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

March 2016

March 29-31, Customs and Trade Compliance Asia 2016, Singapore

March 30, Asian Legal Business (ALB)'s Legal Impact of The TPP, Keynote Speech on TPP

March 23, Conference at BioPharma Asia Convention 2016: "Fostering the growth of regional trade in SEA" - Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore

March 22, Workshop for Asia's Pharma and Healthcare leaders "All you need to know about TPP impact in the Region", BioPharma Asia Convention, Co-organized by the Asian Trade Centre and Terrapin

March 14-16, Bank of America Merrill Lynch “2016 Asia Pacific Telecom, Media & Technology Conference”, Panelist on “Trans-Pacific Partnership - Implications for Trade, FDI and Asia”, Taipei, Taiwan

March 14, The 4th China & Asia Textile Forum - Keynote Speech on ” The Latest Progress of RCEP and Its Impact on Asian Textile Industry”, Shanghai, China

March 9, LOGISYM 2016 Conference, ASEAN’s FTA Minefield: AEC, TPP, RCEP, Singapore

February 2016

February 24-25, 7th Annual Global Export and Agency Finance 2016 - Debate: “We believe that the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) will improve trade and export finance in Asia”, Singapore

February 24, AmCham Panel Discussion "Food and Agriculture sectors - Big winners in the TPP", Singapore 

February 17, US - ASEAN Business Council Conference "Asia's best kept secret: The ASEAN Economic Community", San Francisco, US

January 2016

January 28, SME Convention 2016 - Panel Discussion "Opportunities for regional and global growth for SMEs", Singapore

January 14, Workshop "India's Economic Integration with Asia-Pacific", Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS), NUS, Singapore

 Past Events

Asian Trade Centre's Half Day Training "Understanding Trade Agreements in Asia"
Date: April 11th 2016
Venue : Asian Trade Centre, 41A Ann Siang Road, Level 2, Singapore 069717
Registration Cost :  SGD 500 per person.  

Please find the agenda here

Invitation to a Panel Discussion on  “The Digital Economy and Regulation: Creating the conditions for success”
Date: 8.45-10.15 am, March 7th 2016
Venue : Stamford American Auditorium, The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), 1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre #23-03, S228208

Participants include representatives from Embassies in Singapore, ASEAN Governments, Regional Institutions and Organizations private sector. Please find the agenda here

December 2015

December 11
Asia-Pacific MedTech Forum
Raffles City Convention Centre

November 2015

November 10th-Tuesday
Everything You Need to Know About the TPP 
AmCham Hanoi

November 12th - Thursday
Asian Trade Centre's One Day Workshop for Business on Trade Issues (Agenda)
Asian Trade Centre office - SGD 1,000 per person.  
For more information please contact us at info@asiantradecentre.org

October 2015

October 1st - Thursday
Talking on "Adding Services Values to Manufacturing Supply Chains in Asia " 
World Trade Organization - Public Forum https://www.wto.org/english/forums_e/public_forum15_e/pf15_programme_e.pdf
W4-Room F,
Geneva, Switzerland 

October 5th - Monday
Talking on "The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Approaches the Finish Line" 
European Centre for International Political Economy
Brussels, Belgium

October 7th - Wednesday
Talking on "Logistics in 2025 under ASEAN Economic Community" 
GLCS LogiSYM 2015 - Empire Hotel Subang http://logisym.org/2015/
Subang Jaya, Malaysia

October 8th - Thursday
Talking on "Trade in Agriculture : Opportunities and Challenges for the Region" 
WTO Regional Seminar on the Agreement of Agriculture and Agriculture Negotiations for Asia and the Pacific Region
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

October 14th - Wednesday Noon to 4:00pm
Asian Trade Centre's Talking Trade - Connecting Businesses with RCEP
Pannel Discussion : Encouraging E-Commerce in RCEP
Registration is free - click here to register
BEXCO, Busan, Korea

October 15th & 16th - Thursday & Friday
Delivering the keynote speech for "Global Value Chains as Agents of Change and Economic Growth"
2015 Global Value Chain Innovation Development Summit
Shenzhen, China

October 19th - Monday 2:00pm to 4:30pm
SeaNet - "Intellectual Property and Growth: What Singapore must do to become the IP hub of Asia"
Registration is free - click here to register
The Bugis Vault, Intercontinental Hotel

October 19th & 20th - Monday & Tuesday
(By Invitation only)
World Trade Organization - Policy Dialog, "The WTO : 20 years and beyond"

October 23 - Friday
Talking on "The Trans-Pacific Partnership & ASEAN Economic Community" 
ASEAN Business Breakfast with Minister of Trade & Climate Change Issues, Hon. Tim Grosser
Fairmont Hotel
Jakarta, Indonesia

October 29th & 30th - Thursday & Friday
Talking on "ASEAN Economic Community : New Wealth, New Heights ?" 
Insights ASEAN Summit 2015- YPO seizing the AEC Opportunities - Fairmont Hotel
Jakarta, Indonesia

September 2015

September 14th - Monday
Talking on " Bridging Emerging Markets "
Asia-LATAM Connection - SGX Centre 1 - Auditorium

September 28th - Monday 9.30am to 12.00pm
Asian Trade Centre's "What's holding up the TPP ?" Featuring Ambassador Alan Oxley
Ambassador Oxley's TPP Paper
Intercontinental Hotel Singapore, 80 Middle Road, 188966

August 2015

August 23rd - Sunday
Talking on "Increasing Competitiveness - Removing trade and investment restrictions and boosting trade" 
ASEAN-EU Business Summit - Mandarin Oriental Hotel http://www.asean-eu-summit.com
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

August 24th - Monday
Talking on " Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and the impact on East Asia Investments "
East Asia Investment Forum - Mandarin Oriental Hotel http://www.eabex.org/east-asia-investment-forum
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

July 2015

July 23rd - Thursday
Talking on "Transforming the landscape initiatives for the future digital economy"
C-ASEAN, Google - "Digital Economy : From Good to Great" - Cyberworld Tower
Bangkok, Thailand

July 28th - Tuesday
Talking on "It's make or break this weekend"
CNBC Asia:  http://t.co/4OQVN18nct

May 2015

May 11th - Monday
Participating in Asia Pacific Food Industry Forum on food security in preparation for Policy Partnership on Food Security (PPFS) , APEC SOM Meetings
1 Hoe Chiang Road, Singapore Business Federation

May 15th - Friday
Hosting First Talking Trade Roundtable ( By Invitation only )
41A Ann Siang Road, Level 2

May 18th - 19th - Monday & Tuesday
Participating in APEC SOM II ( Senior Official Meeting ) on Internet Economy & Supply Chains
Boracay, Philippines

May 21th - Thursday
Moderator for " The Trans Pacific Partnership and Intellectual Property - What does it mean for access to medicines and innovation " 
SEANET & Geneva Network  - http://geneva-network.com/2015/05/tpp-and-intellectual-property-what-does-it-mean-for-access-to-medicines-and-innovation/
Bugis Vault III, Intercontinental Singapore

May 26th - Tuesday
Talking on " Asean Economic Community & what to do of it "
PWC - Asia Pacific Customs and Trade Conference 
7 Raffles boulevard, Marina Square

May 28th - Thursday
Talking on " Opportunities Pacific Alliance & ASEAN " 
LATAMCHAM - The Pacific Alliance Asean - Discovering opportunities
NUSS, Suntec City

May 29h - Friday
Talking on " The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) & Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) " 
Logistics Committee
Dutch Chamber of Commerce

April 2015

April 10th-11th - Friday & Saturday
Talking on Global Value Chains in Asia
University of International Business & Economics (UIBE) - SAIIA conference,
Beijing, China 

April 15th - Wednesday
Talking on Free trade issues
AMCHAM  -http://www.amcham.or.id/events/icalrepeat.detail/2015/04/15/939/82%7C81/asean-committee-luncheon
Jakarta, Indonesia

April 22nd - Wednesday
Talking on Labor mobility and prospects for labor in the ASEAN Community, TPP & RCEP  
ATUC Parallel meeting for the 26th ASEAN Summit - Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                                 

April 27th, Monday
Talking on TPP Negotiations : History, Negotiation Dynamics and Prospect
Special lecture at Hoam Faculty House of Seoul National University
Seoul, Korea 

April 28th, Tuesday  
Talking on " TPP as economic integration of Asia-Pacific and Countermeasure Strategy In Agricultural sector "
TPP International Seminar - K Hotel
Seoul, Korea

March 2015

March 4th, Wednesday
Talking on Freer Trade: ASEAN Economic Community and the Trans-Pacific Partnership  
LogiSYM 2015 http://logisym.org/2015/  - 9 Kent Ridge Drive

March 12th , Thursday
Talking on " Making The Rebalance Real "  
APAC - AMCHAM 2015 Conference,  http://apcac2015.amcham.org.sg 
Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Orchid Room

March 18th -19th, Wednesday & Thursday
Talking on Trans-Pacific Partnership, Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and Canada-ASEAN Trade
Canada-ASEAN Business Council - Business Forum, http://www.canasean.com/events/business-forum   
Anantara Siam Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand

February 2015

February 13th, Friday
Talking on APAC Trade Updates:TPP, RCEP and other trade related negotiations
AMCHAM Thailand, http://www.amchamthailand.com/ACCT/asp/eventdetail.asp?EventID=5835&SponsorID=0   
Bangkok, Thailand

February 25th-26th, Wednesday & Thursday
Talking on ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Korea-US Free Trade Agreement(KORUS) & Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA)
Training British Diplomats on trade services.

January 2015

January 21th, Wednesday  
Trade Outlook for 2015
AmCham Singapore, http://www.amcham.org.sg/events-details/?id=1635 

December 2014

December 8th-9th, Monday & Tuesday
Talking on Trans Pacific Partnership
2014 Seoul Conference on Trade and Industry
Seoul, Korea

December, 10th - 11th , Wednesday & Thursday
Presents paper entitled “RCEP brings new opportunities for gradual agriculture reforms”
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade conference on “Indian Agriculture Sector Under Trade Liberalization and WTO: Issues and Challenges”
New Dehli, India

December 17, Wednesday
Talking on Asia-Pacific Trade Updates including TPP and RCEP
Amcham HK http://www.amcham.org.hk/events/eventdetail/1910/-/asia-pacific-trade-updates-tpp-rcep-and-other-trade-related-negotiations-and-issues-in-asia
Hong Kong

November 2014

November 3rd, Monday
Talking on the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
Economist’s ASEAN Forum 2014
Bangkok, Thailand

November 4th, Tuesday
Talking on TPP and RCEP leading to the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific
Beijing, China

November 6th-7th, Thursday & Friday
Annual Economic Freedom Network Asia Conference,
Hong Kong

November 6th-7th, Thursday & Friday
Talking on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) conference
Seoul, Korea

November, 20th Thursday
Talking on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
EU Delegation

October 2014

October 13th, Monday
peaking on the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC),
ASEAN Secretariat
Yangon, Myanmar

October 16th, Thursday
Talking on the AEC and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP),
Amcham http://www.amchamthailand.com/ACCT/asp/eventdetail.asp?EventID=5545&SponsorID=0
Yangon, Myanmar

October 18th, Saturday
Speaking on the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), 
University of Southern California School of Business forum http://www.marshallpacrimforum.org/schedule/
Yangon, Myanmar

October 24th, Friday
Talking on Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
University of California, Berkeley

October 28th, Tuesday
AmCham event on NAFTA, http://amcham.newsweaver.co.uk/v596i2sxpl416798q8p25x?email=true&a=11&p=47973322

September 2014

September 5th, Friday
Talking on Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Hanoi, Vietnam

September 17th, Wednesday
Talking on Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
National University of Singapore Law Campus

September 29th, Monday
Talking on Supply Chains
APEC conference
Taipei, Taiwan

August 2014

August 21st, Thursday
Talking on Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
ISEAS conference on regionalism http://www.iseas.edu.sg/ISEAS/upload/files/Programme_%2825%20July%29%282%29.pdf