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Brexit Means a Free Trade Agreement

But from our perspective, one key outcome of her speech is the announcement that the UK will seek to replace its current situation with an FTA and not with some sort of association or associate membership status.  Many are likely to cheer this news—not least because it brings some clarity after months of uncertainty over objectives.  But, frankly, from the perspective of companies operating in or out of the UK, it should be viewed with some alarm.  Why?  Because it means the UK will have to negotiate the most amazing FTA that has ever been negotiated with a very green, untested team up against one of the very best, most seasoned team of officials with the deepest bench of staff members on the planet. 

Special Edition: The European Union in the Post-Brexit Period

Even if the EU had been able to create and maintain a common trade position prior to Brexit, the loss/partial loss of the UK within the Union will make it difficult for the EU to continue with business as usual for at least a short period of time.  The uncertainties surrounding the departure of the second largest market within the EU means that EU negotiators have to reconsider their own market positions in nearly every single sector.