Harley Davidson

Why Do Harley Davidson’s Workers Support Trump?

Surprisingly, few Harley Davidson employees – many of whom are Trump supporters – appear disillusioned with the president’s protectionism. “He wouldn’t do it unless it needed to be done, he’s a very smart businessman,” one worker told the Financial Times serenely, encapsulating the “In Trump We Trust” attitude that persists among many in the President’s base.  Many workers were, in fact, apparently quick to point an accusing finger at the EU and even Harley Davidson itself for leaving its traditional base in Wisconsin. They are resolutely defending Trump’s claim to be “just trying to save the US aluminum and steel industry” from the unfair trade practices of foreign countries. Other US presidents would surely have been crucified for less. Trade experts predicting that protectionism would threaten US jobs have been vindicated by Harley Davidson’s pull-out. Working class Trump supporters have the most to lose. Why then do American workers continue to support Trump’s flawed protectionism? It would be easy to dismiss Trump supporters as unwise or easily deceived. Yet, this would merely trivialize a more serious problem plaguing trade politics today. Caught up in a wave of identity politics, how a policy actually affects the US economy is now arguably less important to voters than who is actually articulating it.