Market Access for Goods in TPP11

The trade ministers from the 11 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries will be gathering this weekend in Hanoi to discuss bringing the agreement into force.  The Asian Trade Centre and APL Logistics have created a new booklet to highlight some of the specific market access benefits for companies.  To see what the TPP with 11 parties delivers in wide range of products, we highlight seafood, wine, plastics, cosmetics and soap, shampoo, wood, furniture, iron and steel and some footwear and textile categories.  The product categories were chosen to illustrate the range of different market access commitments made by TPP11 members.  Many of these items show tariff cuts from as high as 40% to zero. The TPP continues to offer substantial market access benefits to participating member countries.  Firms that operate in and across the TPP will face fewer tariff barriers with lower rates as quickly as the first day of the agreement.