Asian Trade Centre Publications on TPP


"Ten Benefits of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)," March 2018, in conjunction with UPS. Click here

"The TPP11: The Global Implications For Business. Prepare Your Business: TPP11 Is Coming" January 2018. Click here

"The Implications of TPP for Fresh and Frozen Food," in conjunction with Food Industry Asia (FIA), 2017. Click here

"The Implications of TPP for Processed Food," in conjunction with Food Industry Asia (FIA), 2017. Click here.

"Market Access for Goods in the TPP11," in conjunction with APL Logistics, May 2017.  Click here

"Digital Trade and the TPP:  How Asia-Pacific Benefits," August 2016.  Click here

Policy Briefs

Policy Brief 18-07: “Creating a CPTPP Secretariat,” October 2018. Click here

Policy Brief 17-11a, "TPP11: Unpacking the Suspended Provisions (Amended)," March 2018. Click here.

Policy Brief 17-12, "TPP11 and RCEP:  A Side-by-Side Comparison," November 2017.  Click here.

Policy Brief 17-11, "TPP11:  Unpacking the Suspended Provisions," November 2017.  Click here.

"How an FTA Like TPP Can Transform A Value Chain:  The Ketchup Example," June 2016.  Click here

"The Trans-Pacific Partnership:  Impact on Supply Chains," Click Here

Papers and Book chapters

“Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership: Policy Innovations and Impacts,” April 2019, Bertelsmann Stiftung. Click here.

"Market Access for Goods in the TPP:  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", a chapter in "Paradigm Shift in International Economic Law Rule-Making: TPP as a New Model for Trade Agreements?," November 2017. Publisher: Springer. Click here (Springer) or here (Amazon).

"TPP Rules of Digital Trade in Asia", ADBI Working Paper, June 2017, Deborah Elms and Minh Hue Nguyen. Click here.

"Market Access Benefits for a TPP with 11 Participants," Working Paper. January 2017.  Click here

Working Paper: "TPP Rules for Digital Trade in Asia", November 2016, presented at "Trade in the Digital Economy" Conference in Bangkok on November 28-29, to be published by end of 2017. Click here.

"Initial Impressions: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)," November 2015. Click here

"Origins and Evolution of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Negotiations" Working Paper, January 2015. Click here

Additional Publications

The TPP as a Pathway to Asian Integration, 2014 Korea Dialogue on Strengthening North Pacific Cooperation, East-West Center, Hawaii, by Deborah Elms, July 25, 2014

TPP: ¿qué tiene de siglo XXI? by Deborah Elms. 2014. In Puentes, Volume 15, Number 6: Acuerdos megarregionales: gigantes en la cancha. International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development. English version available here.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Looking Ahead to Next Steps, by Deborah Elms. 2014. In the book New Directions in Asia-Pacific Economic Integration, by Ambassador Tang Guoqiang and Peter A. Petri (Editors).

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Negotiations: Some Outstanding Issues for the Final Stretch, by Deborah Elms. 2013. 

Agriculture and the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, by Deborah Elms. 2013.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: The Challenges of Unraveling the Noodle Bowl, by Deborah Elms. 2013.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, by C. L. Lim (Author), Deborah Elms (Editor), Patrick Low (Editor). 2012.